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Sulfuric acid production


Sulfuric acid is produced on the basis of SO2 in the double contact process. SO2 is produced by combustion of sulphur or as side product in metallurgical processes. In the double contact process SO2 is oxidized in several catalyst fixed bed layers of a V2O5 based catalyst to SO3 applying intermediate cooling of the gas after each layer before entering the subsequent layer. After passing the third layer and cooling the SO3 containing product gas the gas enters an intermediate adsorber with concentrated sulfuric acid. After depletion of SO3 in the gas by adsorption, the gas reenters the contact furnace and flows through the fourth catalyst layer. The obtained product gas enters then the final adsorber with concentrated sulfuric acid and the product "fumic sulfuric acid" - oleum - is obtained.

C&CS offers the optimized SO2 oxidation catalyst "SulfoMax RR" for this process as standard catalyst. In addition, for a lower inlet temperature of the feed gas the catalyst "SulfoMax CS RR" is offered.

For more informations, also in terms of other SulfoMax types, please do not hesitate to contact the C&CS.