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Acid catalysis


Treatment of BTX aromatics 

Clariant offers a variety of bentonite-based products specifically designed for a wide range of BTX feeds. These feeds may come from catalytic reforming, cyclization, hydrodealkylation, transalkylation and / or naphtha cracking processes.

Although the catalysts used to produce the aromatic feedstock are highly selective, treatment of bentonite is required to ensure that the aromatic streams meet the appropriate bromine index (BI) or acid wash color specification. These specifications are mainly influenced by small amounts of olefin and diene traces, as well as traces of other unsaturated compounds in the feed material. In addition to the already well received Tonsil CO product line, Clariant also offers Tonsil APT. This technology provides catalysts with higher activity and improved handling properties.

Production of p-Xylene

Usually, the most valuable product in the aromatics portfolio is p-Xylene. p-Xylene can be converted into terephthalic acid as a major precursor in the production of synthetic polyesters. p-Xylene is obtained by the selective removal of mixed Xylenes. The depleted extract is transferred to an isomerization unit for enrichment of the p-Xylene share in the mixed aromatics stream. For the treatment of these streams, clay with an extremely high selectivity is desired which prevents benzene formation over the catalyst. Tonsil CO 610 G, Tonsil CO 620 G and Tonsil APT-pX were developed for this purpose. These products guarantee a long life span with negligible Xylene losses.

Treatment of benzene und toluene feed-streams

Tonsil CO 616 G, Tonsil APT-BT, Tonsil CO 626 G, and Tonsil CO 636 G were developed to provide improved olefin removal performance for solvent-extracted benzene and toluene streams. These products extend the life span of the clay treatment, resulting in an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Pigment and odor removal

Transformer oil treatment

Refining of fats and waxes

Recycling of used oils