Adsorptive and catalytic odor removal

C&CS offers a plurality of products for odor removal from gas streams, e.g. the activated carbon based products C&CS #631 and C&CS #643. For H2S removal and removal of mercaptanes the special activated carbon C&CS #868 can be used. In dry gases, H2S and HCl can be removed by means of the products ActiSorb S2 or ActiSorb CL2, respectively. C&CS will support you in your special application in the right selection of the suitable adsorbent and in the layout of the necessary amount.

In the field of industrial air emission control (incl. food industry, e. g. coffee roasting) odor can often be reduced by installing standard oxidation catalysts. Sometimes it is difficult to design a catalyst due to the fact that some odorous compounds leave a negative odor impression even at very low concentration. Therefore it might be necessary in some cases to check the catalyst design and the operating conditions of the oxidizer by a pilot test equipment in real exhaust gas.